The monitoring system is the foundation of energy management

From passive to proactive energy management

Look out the whindshield while driving. Take measures before costs occur - not after.

Understand the current situation

Upload your historical data quick and simple, and get your “point zero analysis” the same day. Understand where you stand, what is possible, and what goals you should set short and long term.

Automatic reporting

Follow up. Recieve relevant reports daily, weekly or when you desire. Easily create tailor-made reports. Share internally or externally with the touch of a button.


Easily collect data directly from energy meters, automation systems, office systems and external sources like weather data, grid data, statistical libraries and much, much more.

Create awareness among tenants

Engage with your tentants and create environmentally friendly behaivour through real time visualisations on public displays - or on mobile.

Gather your portfolio

Get a complete overview of your portfolio. Do internal benchmarks with comparable KPIs for all buildings.

Ready to take action?